The "win-win-win papakonstantinidis model": A bargaining proposal Papakonstantinidis LA

In the third decade of the 21st century, beliefs related to competition in negotiations are now considered obsolete. New schemes, new 3-D trading strategies emerge through practice.

This article examines the equilibrium points of a three-dimensional strategy as well as a three-dimensional concept of a negotiation that bears the characteristics of cooperation rather than competition.

In a three-dimensional solidarity it turns out that there is a single point of equilibrium that simultaneously answers the triple question, namely (1) what is better for me than this deal (2) what is best for you with whom I work and (3) what is best for the community in which we work.

What is there between you and the yes you want? In our analysis of hundreds of negotiations, we have identified obstacles in three complementary dimensions: The first is tactics. The second is the design deal; and the third is the setup.


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Leonidas A. Papakonstantinidis


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