20 June, 2022


Vision and Purpose of 3win Action.

Our vision is to contribute to the common benefit and the quality of life in society through:

  • Supporting entrepreneurship in terms of sustainability
  • Development of tourism and employment with respect for people and the environment
  • Reducing social inequalities and promoting innovation
  • Supporting knowledge and scientific research



  • 3WIN for Work
  • 3WIN for Business
  • 3WIN for Tourism
  • 3WIN for People
  • 3WIN for Environment

The aim of 3win Action is to contribute to the negotiation and sharing of knowledge, for the implementation of private and public policies and actions. These actions will involve the strengthening, improvement and promotion of sustainable tourism development, innovative entrepreneurship and the utilization of human resources.


There will be carried out actions and research concerning the tourism sector and all sectors which directly or indirectly are related.


We aim to share scientific knowledge & professional know-how interacting between the scientific community, entrepreneurs and decision-makers whether it is the central state or local government. Actions will be open to society, always guided by development in terms of sustainability.

The fulfillment of the purpose of the 3win Action will be implemented through the following areas of intervention:


  • Sustainable Tourism Development and Environmental Action - Climate Change
  • Connection of primary production and Agri-food sector with the Tourism sector
  • Actions aiming to upgrade the quality of the tourism product
  • Organization of conferences, exhibitions, meetings and thematic events regarding the specific issues
  • Research conducting and connection with businesses, local government and the scientific community
  • Non-formal education and knowledge sharing
  • Development of ecological tourism awareness
  • New technologies and innovation in the Tourism field
  • Development of the new thematic forms of tourism (wellness, health, sports, MICE, island hoping, workation, religious, gastronomic, wine tourism, digital nomads etc.) with a gentle and sustainable strategy
  • Business support and consulting services
  • Utilization of cultural heritage through the use of new technologies and promotion technics


win-win-win Theory

win-win-win papakonstantinidis model The "win-win-win papakonstantinidis" Model starts from the key-paradigm of the supposed behavior of a win-win (Nash) equilibrium between two competitors.

So we assume that the US and Russia co-decide to drill for oil at the North Pole at their common border. Although competitors succeed - after testing a win-win deal, that is, they both win, or consider that they both win shares and terms emphasizing those that each country considers most important Let's say that the citizens of the 2 countries ultimately benefit, 473.6 million inhabitants in total (2020 census data: 329.5 + 144.1 million respectively).


… The remaining 6.5 billion of the world population were not asked, nor were their survival needs taken into account.

Because the Arctic Circle belongs to the sensitive environmental systems (temperature rise, ice melting, etc.) it is proven to cause damage to the planet's natural environment, increasing the Earth's entropy to the maximum point (Maximum Entropy Production-MEP.

To this end, rules have been established (and if followed) to keep the damage to a minimum. Violation of the rules entails international sanctions.

Apart from that, this particular investment is neutral for the rest of the planet.

The "win-win-win" model and its equilibrium goes beyond international rules and the corresponding international sanctions: It suggests that this investment cease to be neutral for the rest of the planet. It introduces the "community" (in this case, international community) as the third part of a negotiation between two parties.

Simply put, in any negotiation between the two parties, the equilibrium that is achieved leads not only to a mutual benefit (win-win) but even further to a benefit for the whole "community" (local, or even global), ie in a win-win-win equilibrium.

This benefit could be an external economy for the rest of the community (win-win-win).

In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility and the social economy in general, the above observation obtains a separate Value. Thus, for example, a Community-sponsored investment should benefit both the investor (win) the European Community (EU) goals (win) and the benefit to the Community (win) in which the investment is developing in order to make. also, profit for other people of the community , than the investor

In general, for every bargaining behavior (utility) p belonging to a win-win-win equilibrium there are t, s behaviors such that their bargaining disagreements (p-s) and (p-t) are also included in the win-win-win equilibrium.





Historical background


3win Action started its informal operation in 2018 as a group of people who began to discuss and exchange opinions on the economy and tourism, on the basis of sustainable development and innovative strategy. We feel concerned about a rapidly changing world in an economic environment that intensifies insecurity and with a growth model that does not take - as seriously as it should - the environment, in which future generations are going to live.
Somehow, these people, some of whom devoted their lives to the scientific study and research of these fields, composed their views with the rest of this group, who possessed the professional know-how and decided to communicate them to those who concern, hoping to contribute dynamically to the solution of the problems.


Thus, in October 2019, carried out Athens, the 1st International Scientific Conference on "The win-win-win papakonstantinidis model. Theory & application ”, at the Office of the European Parliament of Greece.


The next action, despite the difficulties that arose, in the midst of a pandemic, was to hold in Athens, the 2nd International Scientific Conference on "The city and its dynamics", at iCBS-International Business College, with the support of the International Chamber of Youth JCI.


2022 is a milestone year, if the team decides to acquire a legal form and proceeds with the necessary procedures during the summer. At the same time, it is already preparing the 3rd International Scientific Conference that will take place in Spring 2023 in Athens on "Policies and actions for the environment and sustainability".
In the context of decentralization but also due to the fact that Crete is a major Greek destination, is decided that the headquarters of the non-profit company 3win Action be located there. In Crete, is scheduled to take place the next big open event. The company's official presentation that will be combined with a large public discussion and exchange of knowledge and views between the scientific community, the business world and the Local Government. The last event for 2022 but the first of a large series of actions that will take place on the island and wider in Greece and abroad.
Recognizing the value of coworking with local authorities and local communities, 3win Action intends to coordinate its efforts with them by organizing actions that will contribute to knowledge sharing as well as to social, environmental and economic sustainability.


3win Action aims to organise actions that will contribute to knowledge sharing and social, environmental and economic sustainability.