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City and its Dynamics

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International Negotiation Conference: City and its Dynamics |

Watch the International Conference held on 23 October 2021. With the support of Athens International College | ICBS.

The 2nd International Conference on Negotiation on Social Media.

The aim of the conference is to explore the city as a historical, cultural, social and touristic phenomenon through the dynamic dimension of negotiation from specific perspectives. The main pillar and central idea running through all the contributions is "negotiation".

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City and its Dynamics

The City and the Importance of Mental Health Services

Prof. Sandy Aziz

City and local development

Sarantos Malapanis

The city: Tourism and culture

Vasilis Spokos

The city of Pylos

Athanasios Fotopoulos

"Urban Policy in the EU"

Christina Barbaroussi

City and Tourist Development - Over tourism

Akrivi Vagena

New Deal - Triple Bottom Line Proposal for Investment & Sustainability

John P.Douskas

Urban Sustainability Issues Towns. Lands. Islands

Stephan Ternyik

The city as a social entity

Dr. Andala Rama P Barusman

Economics, ethic and human activity

Prof Emeritus Spyros Vliamos

The city as a bargaining contract win-win-win- governing dynamics

Prof Emeritus Leonidas A. Papakonstantinidis

Dialogue Of The City Community And Authorities On The Issues Of Transforming The Visual Look Of The City

Dr.Oļegs Latiševs

Τhe working environment in relation to sustainable tourism development quality

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