City Break: the future of tourism in the city of Heraklion

City Break: city tourism or urban tourism is a form of alternative tourism that involves short-term leisure trips to urban areas that aim to familiarise the visitor with the city. They include visits to the sights, museums, attractions and special culture of a city and are aimed at particularly high-level visitors.

City Break is one of the most important forms of tourism in the world, while in recent years it has begun to become known in Greece as an inclusive form of tourism especially for Athens and Thessaloniki, which have begun to emerge as cities of urban tourism.

The new model of the traveller that is being formed in the post-tourist era and with the dynamic emergence of the new generation that travels more than the previous ones and forms its own characteristics that are no other than those of the new - modern traveller. The new traveller chooses short and short trips spread throughout the year, far from mass tourism and instant consumption, seeking emotions, relationships, knowledge and experiences that are linked to his or her emotional and human existence. He wants to be a visitor who discovers the city he is visiting and not just a passive observer. He wants to know the authenticity of the place.

He also uses social media to discover the places he visits and to share his travel experiences.

Visitors can live an authentic experience that they can take with them.

Heraklion as a City Break.

Heraklion receives the majority of visitors to Crete and is the main pillar of the island's tourism economy and the local society, which is fully linked to tourism, which is reflected in all aspects of the social life of the island and the local economy.

Its rich history, its culture, its people, the Cretan gastronomy, the natural environment, the local market, the hotel infrastructure, the rich hinterland that can offer unique experiences to the visitor who wants to discover it and the easy access to it are the pillars to shape it as a strong tourist destination as a City Break city.

The city of Heraklion can and should become a tourist model as an urban tourism city as it can offer a holistic tourist experience to the visitor all year round.

Visit the medieval Venetian walls of Heraklion, the medieval castle Rocca a Mare (Koules), the historical buildings of the city, the unique archaeological museum, the palace of Knossos, the tomb of Kazantzakis, discover the rich historical hinterland such as the house of Dominikos in Fodele, tour the vineyards and olive groves of the villages of Heraklion and taste a unique gastronomic experience of the Cretan diet, to visit the wineries and get to know the Cretan wines, to drink raki in the traditional cafes in the village squares and learn about its history, to search for the excellent Minoan weaving and ceramic art that still exists today, to experience Cretan hospitality and to admire the Cretan environment and the biodiversity of the place.

The city of Heraklion and its hinterland has all those elements that enable it to transition to a higher quality tourism, uniquely differentiated, highlighting thematic diversity in its entirety and being more cost-effective, attracting visitors of all ages and high level seeking a different tourist experience.

Visitors can live an authentic experience that they can take with them.


Spokos Vasilis, MSc MSc


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