Papakonstantinidis Leonidas

Prof Emeritus Leonidas A. Papakonstantinidis

During my employment at the ATE (where most of my professional activity took place), I was an Economist - Researcher in the Studies and Planning Division of the "E.O.K." Department, Head of the Sub-Administration Office, Head of Planning of M.O.P. and Rural Tourism and Head of the Local Development Office. At the same time, my teaching work in Higher Education (during the same period) (1994-1998) at TEI-Patras School of Management and Economics (SGO) Department of Business Administration and 1998-2001 at TEI-Kalamata, School of Management and Economics (SGO) Department of Local Government Units Management (LGA), participation in European - international organizations (F.A.O., GREEN TEAM EU Commission, DG X) programs and networks (LEADER, EUROFORM, EURACADEMY, R.D.T. (Research Development and Tourism), PHAROS) and teaching work in the Hellenic Society for Local Development and Local Government (E.E.T.A.A.). ), PASEGES, Associations of Cooperatives E.O.T. and other institutions as well as providing work to all local government bodies (free studies, consulting, participation as a lecturer in seminars). As a full-time professor, in addition to the teaching work (courses "Economic and Regional Development", "Macroeconomic Analysis", "Tourism and Local Development", "Seminar for final year students" (1 hour) and "Local Development" which exceed 12 hours per week), I performed important administrative work (Chairman of the Thesis Committee, Internship, Educational Notes, Selection of Associates - members of the Committee of the Committee for the Revision of the Rules of Studies, member of the Committee for the Revision of the Undergraduate Curriculum, Scientific Officer of ECTS (European Credits Transferred System), author of the study for the extension of the ECTS. E etc., with additional participation in research projects "ARCHIMIDES" I and II but also project leader in development projects (INTERG III-A Greece-Italy, LEONARDO DAVINCI II with Cyprus, Leader+ etc.) ).


Bargaining theory and Sustainable development


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