Gian Andrea P. Garancini

Gian Andrea P. Garancini

Gian Andrea P. Garancini Born August 7th, 1971 in Milan Married, father of two daughters (23 & 21) Holder of a European Baccalaureate. Graduated in International and Diplomatic Sciences, University of Trieste. Political positions 1994/99 European Parliament 1999/2003 EU Italian Regional Offices, Coordinator 2003/2006 Director, Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers EU PORE Office 2014, Elected City Councillor & Deputy-Mayor for Tourism, City of Heraklion (Crete, GR) & Elected Member of the Union of Greek Municipalities' General Assembly. Member of Eurocities GA. - EU ICC Tourism & Entrepreneurship Expert. EU Grant Manager, Sustainable Tourism. Project Manager, Development Agency of Heraklion. Musician & performer. Speaks 7 languages.


Outward-looking and Shared Sustainable Planning


3win Action aims to organise actions that will contribute to knowledge sharing and social, environmental and economic sustainability.