Instructions for Authors and Speakers

Full articles-presentations, video presentations and Innovative Programs and Actions related to its Thematic Units can be submitted to the Conference. More specifically:

Full Articles - Presentations

6-9 pages (including bibliographic references). They relate to complete original articles and works (bibliographic studies, research, teaching proposals, pedagogical approaches, teaching methods and practices, supervisory tools, teaching material and ways of its use, educational actions, studies, research, organization and administration of education, etc. .). The paper should be presented at the conference by one of its authors.

Video - presentations

They are complete articles (ie 6-9 pages including bibliographic references), where the presentation is made without the physical presence of the speaker, who must send his written work for review and, in case of a positive review, then send the presentation of his/her work in a video file, lasting maximum 15 minutes, in which there will be the presentation in PowerPoint as well as the integration of his speech as he presents his work (the specific video file can be generated through one of the standard
video editing softwares). This video will be presented at the conference and the paper will be included in the minutes (maximum number of papers from this category that will be accepted: 20).

Innovative Programs and Actions

3-5 pages. It refers to the description of the implementation of a program (e.g. an activity of environmental education, cultural issue, etc., a European program, etc.) or an action. The aim is to disseminate the manner of implementation of these actions, the ideas that emerged, their results, and their conclusions as well as to obtain appropriate feedback for wider use. Such a program or action can be submitted as a "Full Proposal" if it includes a research part or is submitted in this category (this is the decision of the author as the criteria for the critique are different in each of these categories of work). To be included in the conference proceedings, the innovative Program or Action must be presented at the conference by one of its authors.

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3rd Scientific Conference

Policies and actions for the environment and sustainability.

Instructions for Authors and Speakers

The four basic requirements for publishing a paper in the conference proceedings are:

Positive review (with or without corrections) by two reviewers

Write the text using Microsoft Word (2007 version or later). Only summaries will not be accepted.

The paper, if accepted, must be presented at the conference by at least one of its authors. This does not apply to video presentations, in which the possibility of "Participation from a distance" is given, ie without the physical presence of the authors.

For each paper, there must be an author registration by 30/08/2022, in order to be included in the program and published in the Proceedings of the Conference In the case there are many authors in a paper (ie two or more), it is necessary to register at least two of them until 30/08/2022 as "Authors / Speakers" (the presence of one author is enough at the conference).

3rd Conference

Assignments must be written in Greek or English. Those that will be published in the Proceedings of the Conference, their complete text must be written in English.

All papers will be forwarded to an anonymous reviewer by a peer-reviewing committee, after first removing the authors' details. To be accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the Conference must be positively evaluated by at least 2 members of the jury. In case of disagreement between the two judges, the work is assigned to a third judge for the final judgment. The result of the crisis may be the acceptance or non-acceptance of the work, or its acceptance provided that the proposed corrections are made.
All participants and authors who will register for the conference (and only them) will be issued a certificate of attendance and a certificate of presentation respectively.
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